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14 Days Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour: Jewish Tour From Casablanca

14 Days Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour: Jewish Tour From Casablanca

Get on a 14-Day Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour: Following the Rich Embroidery of Jewish Culture

Find the charming excursion that could only be described as epic with our vivid 14-day Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour. This unprecedented experience takes you through the core of Morocco’s celebrated past, directed by our learned specialists in Jewish history and culture.


From the cutting edge wonders of Casablanca to the charming blue-washed roads of Chefchaouen, and from the lively souks of Marrakech to the peaceful beach front city of Essaouira, every step of this tour is a testament to Morocco’s diverse heritage.

Features of the Tour: 14 Days Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour:

  • Jewish Social Tour from Casablanca: Start your excursion in the clamoring city of Casablanca, where the notorious Hassan II Mosque and the reverberations of the Jewish Mellah set up for a momentous investigation of Morocco’s Jewish heritage.
  • Master Jewish Morocco Tour Guide: Your process will be advanced by the direction of experienced Jewish Morocco tour guides, who will share their profound bits of knowledge into the set of experiences, customs, and commitments of the Jewish people group in Morocco.
  • Vivid Jewish Social Tour in Morocco: Dig into the core of Morocco’s Jewish culture as you visit memorable gathering places, mellahs, and hallowed destinations. Every objective on this tour is a part in the convincing story of conjunction and social trade.
  • Charming Objections: From the majestic city of Fes, with its prestigious Al Quaraouiyine College, to the dazzling Sahara Desert, where the persevering through soul of local area is encapsulated in the Ohel David Synagogue, you will encounter a different scope of scenes and narratives.
  • Ocean side Investigation: Find the tradition of societies in the pleasant waterfront town of Essaouira, where Portuguese engineering entwines with Jewish heritage, making an exceptional and charming vibe.

Fundamental Information for Jewish Tours in Morocco: 14 Days Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour

  • Hassan II Mosque Visits: Kindly note that meeting the Hassan II Mosque is beyond the realm of possibilities on Fridays or on strict occasions.
  • Upgrade Your Experience: Consider adding road trips, cooking classes, or visits to Volubilis Roman vestiges for a more extravagant encounter. These can be flawlessly incorporated into your tour.
  • Legitimate Eating: Fit food is promptly accessible in significant urban communities like Casablanca, Marrakech, Fes, and Rabat, it is met to guarantee your dietary inclinations. Redone Tours: In the event that you’re looking for a more succinct Jewish heritage tour, track down itemized choices at the gave connect.
  • Custom fitted Itineraries: Customize your excursion to line up with your exceptional advantages. Talk about agenda changes with your driver to allot additional opportunities to your favored areas.
  • Booking and Installments: Secure your tour with a 30% store. The excess equilibrium is payable to your driver.
  • Kid Limits: Youngsters under 12 years of age partake in a 25% decrease in expenses. Kids under 5 are not charged.
  • Adaptable Evaluating: If it’s not too much trouble, know that costs are likely to change in light of the ongoing conversion scale.
  • Top Season Estimating: Costs might increment during the Christmas and New Year time frame.
  • Occasional Contemplations: Remember that fuel costs can influence the given citation during various seasons.

Itinerary Overview: 14 Days Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour

Day 1: Casablanca – Arrival in the Contemporary City

Get on your excursion in Casablanca, where advancement mixes consistently with custom. The Hassan II Mosque, a striking present-day wonder by the ocean, exhibits the city’s compositional ability and Islamic heritage. In the core of Casablanca’s lively roads, the Jewish Mellah reverberations a past filled with variety. The Beth El Gathering place and Sanctuary Beth-El stand as a demonstration of a multicultural past, epitomizing the agreeable concurrence of societies.



Day 2: Casablanca to Tangier via Rabat

Venture out from Casablanca to Tangier by means of Rabat, Morocco’s capital. The transcending Hassan Pinnacle and the Catacomb of Mohammed V in Rabat offer looks into the country’s authentic extravagance. Investigate Rabat’s Jewish Mellah to associate with Morocco’s Jewish heritage. Synagogues like Habarim and Em Habanim recount accounts of ages, mirroring the persevering through dwelling together of various networks in Morocco.



Day 3: Tangier to Chefchaouen via Asjen

After breakfast you will start the trip from Tangier, your process takes you to the consecrated site of Asjen, where the hallowed place of Rabbi Amram ben Diwane remains as a guide of dedication.


This consecrated spot is a demonstration of the perseverance through otherworldly association that has been sustained over hundreds of years. As you proceed with your course to Chefchaouen, a stunning sight is standing by. Settled in the Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen arises with its blue-washed medina, a captivating material of dynamic blue shades that paint a novel background to your investigation.


This unmistakable stylish is something other than a visual treat; it mirrors the profound meaning of blue in Jewish practices, encouraging a tranquil and scrutinizing air. Inside this pleasant setting, synagogues like Em Habanim and El Kabbalat Shabbat consistently incorporate the city’s style. Their design and history reflect the social interchange that has characterized Chefchaouen’s personality, where the strings of various customs are intertwined amicably.


The city’s roads and synagogues recount an account of concurrence, where confidence and culture have met up to make an embroidery of solidarity and excellence.


Day 4: Chefchaouen – Historical Wonders and Architecture

Dive deep into the historical treasures of Chefchaouen, a day that promises to immerse you in the city’s past and architectural marvels. The Rabbis’ Synagogue stands as a poignant testament to the city’s Jewish heritage, where generations of prayers and stories have converged. This sacred space is a living embodiment of the harmonious coexistence that has shaped Chefchaouen’s identity.


Amidst the historical wonders, the 15th-century Kasbah stands with timeless pride, offering a glimpse into the city’s resilience and history. From its vantage point, you’ll witness not only the city’s architectural beauty but also a panoramic view that connects you to the rugged landscapes that have cradled Chefchaouen for centuries.


As you navigate the winding streets of the medina, the intricate architectural details tell stories of cultural interplay, echoing the city’s rich history. The journey culminates in Utta El Hamam square, where the past and present converge, and the essence of Chefchaouen’s charm is encapsulated in the vibrant tapestry of daily life.

Day 5: Chefchaouen to Fes via Meknes

Changing from Chefchaouen to Fes, your process drives you to Meknes — a city saturated with the glory of its verifiable past. Meknes, when the capital of Morocco, radiates a magnificent emanation through its engineering wonders. The Bab Mansour entryway remains as an overwhelming access to the city, an indication of previous importance and the craftsmanship enhanced even its practical designs.


The regal pens, a designing accomplishment of their time, reverberation with murmurs of a past period when ponies were a token of esteem and power. Showing up in Fes, you’ll dive further into Morocco’s social mosaic. In the core of the mellah, the Jewish quarter, lies the unpredictably planned Ibn Danan Synagogue. Its design isn’t just a demonstration of the confidence it serves yet in addition an impression of the high quality ability that molded Fes.


Close by, the El Fassiyein Synagogue offers further understanding into the city’s story of social conjunction, as the lively past of Fes unfurls from the perspective of its different networks.


Day 6: Fes – Jewish Heritage Exploration

Set out on a day of disclosure inside the multifaceted embroidery of Fes’ Jewish heritage. The Al Quaraouiyine College, an UNESCO World Heritage site, entices with its verifiable importance, having remained as a focal point of learning for a really long time.


As you investigate its lobbies, you’ll find reverberations of the scholarly and profound excursions that have been attempted here, adding to the city’s tradition of information. The Bou Inania Madrasa, a dazzling show-stopper of design, gives a brief look into the tasteful brightness of Fes. Its elaborate subtleties and tranquil patios are a demonstration of the creative undertakings that have molded Morocco’s way of life.


Inside the mellah, the Ibn Danan Synagogue keeps on filling in as a living connect to Fes’ Jewish history, its accounts entwined with those of the actual city. Neighboring it, the Jewish burial ground remains as a serious sign of day to day routines experienced and esteemed, underlining the different strings that form Fes’ social texture.


As you explore this day of investigation, you’ll acquire a significant comprehension of the layers that make Fes a genuinely novel and complex objective.

Day 7: Fes to Sahara Desert – Synagogue and Desert Adventure

Set out on an excursion of differences, abandoning the dynamic culture of Fes to drench yourself in the tremendous and spectacular Sahara Desert. As you adventure into this sensational scene, an astonishing social pearl anticipates amidst the parched excellence.


The Ohel David Synagogue in Midelt remains as a demonstration of the getting through soul of local area, its presence a strong update that confidence and cooperation have the ability to flourish even in the most remote corners of the world.


Day 8: Sahara Desert to Ouarzazate

Changing from the Sahara Desert, your way prompts Ouarzazate, a desert passage that uncovers one more feature of Morocco’s rich embroidery. As you show up in Ouarzazate, the noteworthy Kasbah Taourirt welcomes you, a demonstration of the country’s compositional heritage. This invigorated design not just grandstands the mind boggling craftsmanship of its development yet additionally moves you back to when key desert settlements were fundamental for exchange and endurance.


Past its notable engineering, Ouarzazate shocks with its cutting edge character — the city is a center for film creation, its studios have facilitated various global creations. Investigating these studios offers understanding into a one of a kind part of Morocco’s set of experiences, molded by the film business and its impact on worldwide impression of this different land.

Day 9: Ouarzazate to Taroudant via Arazan

Proceeding with your excursion, you’ll reveal unexpected, yet invaluable treasures that enhance how you might interpret Morocco’s social mosaic. Arazan uncovers its fortune — the Tarodaunt Synagogue — a demonstration of the getting through conjunction of societies that has characterized the locale for quite a long time.


This spot of love reverberations accounts of solidarity and variety, woven into the texture of Morocco’s set of experiences. As you continue to Taroudant, the city’s memorable walls and clamoring souks offer a tangible drenching into its celebrated past. The old strongholds stand as quiet observers to the city’s essential importance, while the lively business sectors encapsulate exchange and local area that have energized Taroudant for ages.


With each step, you’ll wind up drenched in the layers of history that shape Morocco’s account, a continuous story of versatility, social amicability, and energetic life.



Day 10: Taroudant – Explore the Magic

Embrace the charm of Taroudant as you walk around its clamoring souks, where energetic tones, fragrant flavors, and exuberant prattle illustrate its enthusiastic commercial center practices. These clamoring rear entryways have been the core of exchange and local area for ages, offering a brief look into the city’s verifiable job as a lively focal point of business and social trade.


In the midst of this dynamic embroidery, the Al Nasseriya School arises as a living remnant of Taroudant’s academic heritage, exemplifying its obligation to information and training. The design magnificence of the Al Jazouli Mosque, standing contiguous the school, gives recognition to the city’s otherworldly inheritance.


As you investigate quiet gardens that give a tranquil difference to the clamoring souks, you’ll be charmed by Taroudant’s novel capacity to mix its rich history, building wonders, and day to day existence into an amicable and enthralling experience.



Day 11: Taroudant to Marrakech – Vibrant Marrakesh Exploration

Your process conveys you from Taroudant to Marrakech, a city that throbs with history and dynamic life. As you show up, the Saadian Burial chambers materialize, bringing out a glorious past that keeps on resounding. These unpredictably enlivened catacombs are a demonstration of the Saadian line’s inheritance, offering a brief look into the great quality that once graced the majestic city. Continuing on toward the Bahia Royal residence, you’ll be drenched in richness and social combination.


The castle’s many-sided subtleties and rambling nurseries give proper respect to the riches and craftsmanship that characterized Morocco’s past. Past its tasteful charm, the Bahia Royal residence fills in as a declaration to the mixing of design styles that have molded Marrakech’s character. Wandering into the clamoring markets, you’ll be welcomed by the Jewish Mellah — a locale that has quietly seen hundreds of years of concurrence.


In the midst of the lively energy, the mellah murmurs accounts of strength and solidarity, epitomizing the congruity that has won through the progression of time.


Day 12: Marrakech – Jewish Heritage in the Imperial City

Today, your investigation of Marrakech digs into its Jewish heritage, revealing the many-sided strings that have woven through the city’s set of experiences. At the core of the mellah lies the El Fasi Synagogue, an exemplification of the confidence and culture that have flourished inside these walls.


This spot of love remains as a living demonstration of the constancy of the Jewish people group in the midst of evolving times. Rather than the mellah’s serenity, the famous Koutoubia Mosque rules the horizon — a compositional magnum opus that reflects the otherworldly commitment of Marrakech’s occupants. Its mind-boggling plan and transcending minaret help us to remember the city’s rich Islamic heritage and the commitment to imaginative articulation that has been key to Morocco’s social character.



Day 13: Marrakech to Essaouira – Seaside Jewish and Portuguese Legacy

Leaving Abandoning Marrakech, your process prompts Essaouira — a city where Jewish and Portuguese impacts meet against a scenery of the ocean. As you investigate the Skala de Ville, you’ll be shipped back so as to a time when sustained walls watched the city from sea dangers.


The Portuguese-roused design adds a layer of history to the city’s developing character, making an extraordinary combination of societies. Inside Essaouira’s enchanting roads, the Essaouira Stronghold calls, offering bits of knowledge into the city’s sea heritage and the essential importance it held in shipping lanes.


Moulay Hassan Square embodies the back and forth movement of time, mirroring the development of Essaouira as an intersection of societies and a demonstration of the flexibility of its kin. In the midst of this captivating setting, the Jewish heritage perseveres, adding one more layer to the city’s rich story of conjunction and variation.




Day 14: Marrakech – Departure

Transfer to  Marrakech or Casablanca Airport


Prepared to investigate Morocco’s Jewish heritage? Book your 14 Days Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour today and set out on a charming social excursion.

What included in 14 Days Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour

  • Transport in a private air-conditioned 4×4; Toyota Prado Tx or deluxe van and fuel
  • Pick-up from and drop-off at your hotel or riad and transfer from and to the airport V
  • Experienced local English-speaking Berber and nomad driver/guide
  • Accommodation in air-conditioned rooms/suites with private bathroom
  • V All meals (except lunch, dinner in Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Chefchaouen, Fes, Marrakech, Essaouira,  and the journeys in between) – with vegetarian and vegan options available
  • One night in a luxury camp in Erg Chebbi with private toilet and shower, lamps, plenty of space, and handcrafted furnishings
  • A camel ride with a guide. And if you wish to do some sandboarding, just speak to the camp staff!
  • Option to go to and return from the camp by 4×4
  • Luggage service to the camp and all accommodation
  • Berber drumming and music
  • Free time to explore the sites such as Mellah, Ait Ben Haddou, for walks, photos, and tea/coffee breaks
  • The opportunity to ask the driver to stop when and where you wish Entrance fees (except in Casablanca, Rabat, Fes, and Marrakech)
  • Local guides in the relevant places
  • Tea, coffee and mineral water in the desert
  • Local guide in Fes, Marrakech, Ait Ben Haddou and Taroudant


What not included in 14 Days Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour


  • Beverages
  • Gratuities/tips
  • Lunch

Testimonials for 14 Days Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour: Jewish Tour From Casablanca

Setting out on the Jewish Heritage Tour in Morocco was an extraordinary excursion into my underlying foundations. From the energetic business sectors of Casablanca to the old synagogues in Marrakech, each second felt like a stage back in time. The aides were educated, the facilities extravagant, and the encounters advancing. Energetically prescribed for anybody looking to reconnect with their Jewish heritage in an enamoring setting.

Davie. United States


As a voyager with a profound interest in Jewish history and culture, the 14 Days Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour surpassed every one of my assumptions. The schedule was mindfully organized, permitting us to investigate huge locales like the Jewish mellahs, exhibition halls, and authentic milestones. The glow and friendliness of the Moroccan public added an additional layer of lavishness to the experience. It’s an excursion I’ll love for a lifetime.

Daniel .J Canada


From the second I ventured off the plane in Casablanca, I realized I was in for an exceptional experience. The Jewish Heritage Tour gave a vivid and instructive experience, offering bits of knowledge into Morocco’s rich Jewish history and customs. Investigating the beautiful roads of Fes and visiting old synagogues left a significant effect on me. The tour guides were energetic narrators, making each stop en route really vital. I got back with a more profound appreciation for my heritage and a freshly discovered love for Morocco.

Rebeecka .K Spain

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