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Best Places to Eat in Casablanca, Marrakech, and Fes

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Places to Eat in Casablanca, Marrakech, and Fes

Exploring the Culinary Tapestry of Casablanca, Marrakech, and Fes

Prepare to leave on a striking culinary journey through the beguiling magnificent imperial cities of Casablanca, Marrakech, and Fes. For sure, in this thorough devouring guide, we’ll lead you through the perplexing streets, clamoring markets, and flabbergasting diners of Morocco, uncovering the very best the country  brings to the table regarding gastronomy and culture.


Find the best places to eat in Casablanca, Marrakech, and Fes as we explore the different and energetic feasting scenes of these spellbinding urban communities. From unlikely treasures to prestigious foundations, we’ll take you on a culinary experience that observes Moroccan food in the entirety of its greatness.

Best Restaurants in Casablanca:

With regards to culinary greatness, Casablanca offers a rich embroidery of feasting choices, from upscale top-notch food to comfortable nearby eateries. So, here are probably the best eateries that ought to be on your list:


La Sqala

Settled in a memorable kasbah, La Sqala offers an exceptional feasting experience. This café is known for its customary Moroccan dishes like tagines and couscous, served on a beguiling patio encompassed by rich nurseries.


best places to eat in casablanca, marrakech and fes
Best places to eat in casablanca

Which  Food Offered?

La Sqala has practical experience in bona fide Moroccan charge, with an emphasis on customary dishes like fragrant tagines, delightful couscous, and delicate barbecued meats. The menu likewise incorporates different servings of mixed greens and cakes.



The eatery’s pleasant setting and easygoing feel make it an ideal spot for a comfortable lunch or supper. You’ll feel like you’ve ventured into a Moroccan heaven.



La Sqala offers a scope of choices to suit various financial plans, with principal courses ordinarily going from 100 to 250 Moroccan Dirhams (Distraught).

Rick’s Café:

Roused by the exemplary film “Casablanca,” Rick’s Café is a true-to-life eating experience in the core of the city. With its exquisite stylistic layout, live jazz music, and nostalgic vibe, it’s a must-visit for devotees of the film.


Best places to eat in casablanca
Best places to eat in casablanca

Food Offered:

The menu at Rick’s Café consolidates Moroccan and global flavors. You can appreciate everything from fish pastilla and sheep tagine to barbecued steaks and Moroccan servings of mixed greens.



Rick’s Café oozes a feeling of sentiment and wistfulness, making it a famous decision for exceptional events. Try not to miss the fabulous piano and the famous bar.



Feasting at Rick’s Café is somewhat more upscale, with fundamental courses commonly going from 250 to 450 Distraught.

Le Rouget de l’Isle

Le Rouget de l’Isle is a Michelin-featured diamond in Casablanca, offering an elite high-end food experience. The eatery’s close and refined environment makes way for culinary greatness.


Best place to eat in casablanca
Best places to eat in casablanca

Food Offered:

The menu here highlights occasional Moroccan dishes ready with accuracy and innovativeness. Expect dishes like foie gras with date compote, delightfully plated fish, and imaginative pastries.



This eatery is ideal for those looking for a rich and important feasting experience. The mindful help and careful show hoist each feast.



Le Rouget de l’Isle is of the better quality, with prix fixe menus and individual choices. Costs for a multi-course dinner can go from 500 to 800 Distraught or more.

Top Cafes in Casablanca:

Casablanca’s cafe culture is flourishing, and you’ll track down enchanting spots to unwind and appreciate fragrant Moroccan espresso or tea. Here are a few top bistros:


Café Maure:

Located within the historic Hassan II Mosque complex, Café Maure offers stunning views of the ocean. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy traditional mint tea.


Café Paul:

This French-style cafe is known for its delightful pastries, croissants, and rich coffee. It’s an ideal place for a morning pick-me-up.


Café Extrablatt:

A famous European-style cafe with an exuberant environment. Partake in a cappuccino while people-watching on their porch.

Must-Visit Food Markets in Casablanca:

Casablanca’s food markets offer a tangible blast of varieties, smells, and flavors. The following are a couple of you shouldn’t miss:


Marché Central:

This clamoring market is at the core of Casablanca. You’ll find slows down overflowing with new produce, flavors, and road food.


Marché de la Création:

Known for its distinctive specialties, this market likewise offers an assortment of road food, including barbecued meats, kebabs, and Moroccan desserts.

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Top Eateries in Marrakech:

Marrakech is a city that coaxes food sweethearts with its energetic and various culinary scene. From customary Moroccan cooking to worldwide flavors, here are a portion of the top restaurants that guarantee an important feasting experience:


Le Jardin (Marrakech):

Le Jardin is a quiet oasis spring concealed inside the clamoring roads of Marrakech. As you step inside, you’ll end up encompassed by rich nurseries and lively tones.


Best places to eat in marrakech
Best places to eat in marrakech

Food Offered:

The menu includes a determination of Moroccan works of art, including tagines, couscous, and pastillas, all made with new, neighborhood fixings


Le Jardin’s quiet climate and pleasant setting make it an ideal break from the medina’s rushing about. You can decide to feast in the nursery or on the housetop patio.


Le Jardin offers a scope of evaluating choices, with fundamental courses regularly estimated somewhere in the range of 100 and 250 Moroccan Dirhams (Frantic).

Nomad (Marrakech):

Nomad is a contemporary café situated in the core of Marrakech’s medina. Its cutting edge plan and roof porch offer a reviving differentiation to the conventional environmental elements.


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Vegetarian travellers

Food Offered:

Nomad offers an inventive menu that consolidates Moroccan flavors with worldwide impacts. You’ll find dishes like saffron-imbued chicken pastilla and colorful salads.


The rooftop terrace gives all encompassing perspectives on the medina and the Atlas Mountains. It’s an ideal spot for both daytime feasting and dusk mixed drinks.


Eating at Nomad is reasonably valued, with fundamental courses ordinarily going from 150 to 300 Distraught.

Café des Épices (Marrakech):

Café des Épices is an enchanting spot situated in the Spice Square of Marrakech’s medina. Its energetic environment and patio offer an ideal vantage point for people-watching.


Best place to eat in marrakech
Best place to eat in marrakech

Food Offered:

The menu includes a blend of Moroccan and Mediterranean dishes, with an accentuation on new fixings. Try not to miss their tasty tagines and organic product juices.


The café’s terrace disregards the clamoring market beneath, making it an optimal spot to unwind and absorb the medina’s energy.


Café des Épices offers sensible costs, with fundamental courses normally going from 60 to 150 Distraught.

Top Cafes in Marrakech:

Investigate the beguiling Cafes in Marrakech that offer a brilliant mix of Moroccan practice and worldwide impacts. These Cafes give an ideal break to unwind, taste on Moroccan tea, and appreciate tasty baked goods in the midst of the city’s energetic climate.


Must-Visit Food Markets in Marrakech:

Find the substance of Marrakech’s culinary scene at its clamoring street food. From the sweet-smelling flavors of the Rahba Kedima Spice Square to the tempting slows down of Jemaa el-Fnaa Square, these business sectors offer a tactile excursion into Moroccan flavors and culture. Investigate the slows down, taste road food enchants, and drench yourself in Marrakech’s dynamic food culture.

Dar Moha (Marrakech):

Dar Moha is an exquisite café housed inside a wonderfully reestablished riad in the medina. Its extravagant yard and mindful help make a refined eating experience.


morocco best sahara tours, preparing moroccan dishes
Cooking class

Food Offered:

The café offers a tasting menu that grandstands the best of Moroccan food. You’ll have the valuable chance to relish different customary dishes.



Dar Moha is known for its refined vibe and tender loving care. It’s an optimal decision for an exceptional event or a heartfelt supper.



Feasting at Dar Moha is on the better quality, with the tasting menu ordinarily estimated around 800 Distraught per individual.

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Where to Dine in Fes:

Palais Amani Restaurant (Fes):

Palais Amani Restaurant is situated inside the Palais Amani lodging and offers a mix of Moroccan and current cooking in a peaceful patio setting.


Best places to eat in fes
Best places to eat in fes

Food Offered:

The restaurant’s menu incorporates dishes like sheep tagine, Moroccan baked goods, and delightful plates of mixed greens, all created with tender loving care.


Eating in the quiet yard of Palais Amani is a peaceful encounter, and the eatery’s area inside a store lodging adds to the appeal.


Costs at Palais Amani Café are reasonably high, with fundamental courses commonly going from 150 to 350 Frantic.

Café Clock (Fes):

Café Clock is a social center in Fes known for its diverse menu and exuberant climate. It’s a social event place for explorers and local people the same.


Morocco Best Sahara ttours, woman at the restaurant eating maroccan food
woman at the restaurant eating maroccan food


Food Offered:

The menu at Cafe Clock incorporates different dishes, including their well known camel burger and Moroccan baked goods. They likewise offer cooking classes.


The café has comprehensive developments and live exhibitions, making it an extraordinary spot to drench yourself in Fes’ dynamic expressions scene.



Café Clock offers sensible costs, with principal courses normally going from 60 to 150 Distraught.

Bab Boujloud (Blue Gate) Street Food (Fes):

With regards to road food, Fes’ Bab Boujloud region close to the Blue Entryway is a must-visit. Slows down offer a scope of nearby pleasures and tidbits that take care of both inquisitive voyagers and local people searching for a speedy and delightful nibble.


morocco best sahara tours, Vegetarians travellers
Best places to eat in Fes

Food Offered:

Investigate the slows down for a variety of enticing treats. From sizzling kebabs injected with sweet-smelling flavors to the brave and tasty snail soup, this road food scene gives a tactile excursion through Moroccan road food culture.


Remember to fulfill your sweet tooth with luscious baked goods, for example, honey-drenched sfenj (doughnuts) and almond-studded briouats.



Eating in the clamoring road food scene close to Bab Boujloud submerges you in the core of Fes’ culinary customs. The dynamic tones, enticing fragrances, and the constant hum of activity create an authentic Moroccan experience.

Top Cafes in Fes:

Enjoy the cafe culture of Fes, where exceptionally old practices meet present day delights. These top bistros in Fes offer a quiet getaway to appreciate Moroccan espresso, mint tea, and various cakes in enchanting settings.


Must-Visit Food Markets in Fes:

Submerge yourself in Fes’ rich culinary legacy by investigating its must-visit food markets. From the vivacious Bab Boujloud Market to the notable roads of the medina, these business sectors are a tangible joy loaded up with flavors, road food, and conventional Moroccan treats. Jump into the energetic universe of Fes’ food culture and find novel flavors.

Get on a Culinary Odyssey Through Casablanca, Marrakech, and Fes

Prepared to leave on a culinary excursion through Morocco’s most captivating imperial cities? Find the best eateries, cafes, and street food in Casablanca, Marrakech, and Fes. Let your taste buds enjoy the sorcery of genuine Moroccan dishes, and investigate the rich woven artwork of flavors that characterize this North African heaven. Start your gastronomic adventure today and experience Morocco through its delectable cuisine!